"The Emotions: A Representation in Five Acts" is a series of arts by Peter Chipman. Made with pixels on a blank screen, they express feelings through the airbrushes, lines, and rounded rectangles that the artist was given to work with.

1: "LOL"

This first art represents happiness, or, more specifically, laughter. It features a grinning face looking up at the blue background, representative of hope, with brown and green confetti raining from the heavens, celebrating the laughter of the character. Whatever it was that made him laugh is unknown; the one looking at the art is allowed to decide for themselves.
2: "NO WAI"

The sequel to "LOL" expresses excitement; in this case, it is a pleasant surprise. While the jagged lines in the background show this as a more violent emotion than the previous art, the blue background continues to reassure us that there is happiness and hope around. Rather than a mellow protagonist with calmer, monochrome shades, the hero of this art is excited, and his blue and yellow hues help us understand this. The eyebrows, also yellow, bring attention to the fact that this is a surprise, rather than something the character knew all along. Once again, the artist did not specifically show what this character was reacting to.
3: "RAWR"

At the third in the series, it begins to take a darker turn. This time, the protagonist is not smiling; in fact, we are not even sure whether it's the protagonist at all. The black and white aspects of the image show that this is one-dimensional, pure hatred, while the sharp contrast between pure white and pure black remind us that this is not a mellow emotion. This makes us start to worry about what will happen to whoever this fury is directed towards.
4: "WTF"

This art, the viewer will be happy to notice, is not negative, like "RAWR". While it shows a confusion, it's a happier kind; rather than a "HEY bro wtf do you think your doing WHO even does a think like that", it is more of a "ahahahahhha, that is so insane BRO, wtf?" The multicolored letters "W", "T", and "F" express the insanity of the situation, and the airbrush-represented fog everywhere shows the confusion of the protagonist. However, the blue background comes through once again, showing us that there's nothing dangerous about this situation, only mild confusion.
5: "BRB"

This conclusion to the series ends it on a positive note, saying that, while the protagonist will not be back for a while, eventually things will get better and he/she/it will return. This time, there is no blue background to express hope, as the road ahead is uncertain. However, the protagonists facial expressions are blue, showing that it/he/she truly believes in his/her/its heart that things will turn out well. The yellow rounded rectangles represent the wall dividing the character and who it/it/it is talking to. The space in between the groups of yellow rectangles both provides a space for the "BRB" as well as representing the path the protagonist will take. As in all of the arts in this series, it is unknown what the exact situation is, but one might even say that removing the situation places more emphasis on the emotion.